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Blood vessels! Please don’t creep up on my eyeballs! February 27, 2007

Filed under: EYE BEAUTY — Meredith @ 4:26 pm

Now if you want to look good, you absolutely cannot have bloodshot eyes (are you trying to scare people in the broad day light? J). For some people who stay up till 4 or 5 am, they will wake up with these bloodshot eyes even though slept till the afternoon.

But what if you have so many things to do that you hardly have time to sleep? Then try sleeping from 10pm to 3am. This is a golden period, so even 4 hours will be sufficient for your beauty. Ok, if you think 10am is too early and you just had your dinner (duh~), then you try going catching a wink from 1 am to 3am, even if its just 2 hours. The important thing here is not going to bed later than 1 am!

Reading for a long period of time will also create stress for your eyes, making them look tired and listless. Why not catch a break and use a few minutes to rest and roll your eyes in circular motions. Your eyeballs do need a beauty regime daily and you can treat this as a form of eyeball exercise that will help make them look larger and brighter. 

So now you are coming to an end to this article, will you take a break, drink a glass of water and get started on this eyeball exercises now.


4 Responses to “Blood vessels! Please don’t creep up on my eyeballs!”

  1. lily Says:

    I think asian secrets are fabulous

  2. lily martinez Says:

    what comment?

  3. Hana Says:

    umm is it just me, or ur pictures are not working~

    just letting you know^^

  4. Hana Says:

    sorry i left the comment at the wrong section~
    i was talking about ur pictures in the hair section.

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