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Try out new hairstyles using free virtual hairstyles program September 20, 2008

Filed under: Hair Fashion,Virtual Hair Styles — Meredith @ 1:09 pm

It’s sooo much fun trying out new hairstyles! Well..I mean virtually. If you are like most people who are less adventurous and afraid of trying out new hairstyles that you see in the magazines, you can ‘try’ it using virtual hairstyle makeover programs.

You can’t imagine how sophisticated the software is. It allows you to upload your picture, do some adjustment to your picture, follow by answering a series of questions on your eye color, current hair color, hair length and etc. It is ok if you have a non full frontal facing picture, as you can indicate markers on your eyes, mouth and even teeth so that the program can churn out suitable hairstyles for you to try on. After you picked a hairstyle, you can do further adjustment to it.

This is an excellent way to visualise how a certain hairstyle or hair color will look like before actually going to your hairdresser.  The fun part is choosing those outrageous hairstyles or hair colors that you normally shunned from or won’t even think twice about. Put them on and see how exciting (or funny) it looks on you!.

If you just want to test it out or try it for fun, you can sign up for the free version, which allows you to play up to about 10 hairstyles. Go for the paid version for under US$20 for 3 months if you want to access their library of over 1000 hairstyles, with unlimited selections and picture uploads.

Take a look at the before and after pictures below…VOILA!




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