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Where Do Asian Hair Trends Come From? March 18, 2009

Filed under: Hair Fashion — Meredith @ 7:20 am

Asian hair trends are very much influenced by Korea and Japan, due to the exponential growth of the Japanese and later the Korean wave in asia. Lately, even the Taiwanese are making an influence, thanks to the popularity of  their Taiwanese idol dramas and wacky Taiwanese variety shows. Many asians take reference from the hairstyles of their idols and other celebrities in these media. Japanese hair picture books are big thing in asia and asian hair salons are well-stocked with these books for their customers.

In asia, you will hear the latest asian hair terms like Japanese perm, Japanese spa perm, Korean digital perm and even Korean eyelash perm. These are very popular hairstyles in asia, especially with the ladies.

Hollywood also play a part in influencing the asian hair trends, but it is not dominant. Ultimately, asians have different facial features, skin color, eye color, hair texture and hair color from caucasians and naturally they will want to take reference from their own kind. The Japanese and Koreans probably do take some inspiration from Hollywood, but still there is always a difference. 

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