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Hair wax a necessity November 27, 2007

So you have seen so many nice hairstyles in magazines and you start to picture yourself having similar look in your mind. Chances are, most of the hairstyles in the magazines had to go through styling to create that picture-perfect look. The number one tool is hair wax and thus is almost a necessity, unless all you want is limp and boring looking hair. Many nice asian hairstyles and perms are achieved using hair wax too.

If you are still shunning from hair wax, thinking that it will give you that hard hair-sprayed look, then its time to remove this idea. Hair wax actually gives a softer and more naturally look, yet able to last through the day. If it starts to wane off, all you need to do is to wet your hands and run through your hair and it will work the magic again, without needing to apply more.

It is always good to apply hair wax on semi wet hair to achieve best results. It is also easier to style on slightly wet hair then dry hair. Simple wet your hands before applying hair wax will do.

 There are many kinds of hair wax, some are dry cream based, some are liquid cream types. Then there are all kinds of brands in the market, so how do you choose? The best way is to check out the forums and see what people are using and recommending. However, this is subjective because everyone is different. You will still need to go through trial and errors or try out on sample packs if possible.

I personally like using Tigi hair products, because it last for a long time and smells good at the same time. I used it for my fly-aways, for my long digital perms and even for my short crops. 

For creating the rock star look:
Tigi Bed Head Manipulator – A Funky Gunk That Rocks! (57ml/2oz)

– A fiber-forming cream
– Gives body & texture to hair
– Separates & smoothes fly-away with a matte finish
– Long lasting hold
– Gets a spike, twist dreads or punky look

Tigi Bed Head Manipulator – A Funky Gunk That Rocks! (57ml/2oz)