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Korean Cosmetic Surgery Trend August 15, 2007

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South Korea is dubbed the ‘land of man-made beauties’, with a higher proportion of people who had gone under the knife, as compared to other Asian countries. Cosmetic surgery is common with the TV celebrities, pop stars and even with students who wants to get ahead in life, career or showbiz.

As such, their cosmetic sugery technology and expertise are usually more advanced. Typical cosmetic operations is rhinoplasty (nose job) for making the nose bridge higher and to look sharper, as asians usually have smaller and flatter noses. Other popular ops include double eyelids (Many South Koreans are born with single eyelids) to make the eyes appear bigger and more bambi-like, as well as the jaw/chin portion to make the jawline sharper and more define.

For before and after surgery pictures of a list of Korean celebrities, you may be interested to visit Korean Fashion Online at: 

Be prepared to be awed….


One Response to “Korean Cosmetic Surgery Trend”

  1. povgo Says:

    my eyes are small.I want to make cosmetic surgery for my eyes

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